Programmer, Artist, Nerd

Web Development and Design

Designs that fit your company branding.

A tailored experience for every screen size.

Attention to detail, pages that load fast, fluid animations.

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Contact Me:info@maloweb.com

Signshop Helper

This e-commerce website needed to be as fast as possible to maximize sales. It was obsessively optimized to paint in less than half a second.

The site uses a custom search system that displays results instantly, as you type, even on underpowered mobile devices.


Sylvester & Forget

I had lots of beautiful images to work with, and I made them the focus of every page.

This site closely follows the branding of the company. The navigation bar and the heading font copy the look of the logo, and I made sure to include the company's mascot somewhere tasteful.


Action Utility Quebec

My first client, a trailer dealer in Quebec.

I had lots of constraints for this project, I had to closely follow the company's branding guidelines and I didn't have many good images. I had to get creative with what I had, and I like to think that I pulled it off.


Toronto Digital Imaging

A proof of concept that was never actually used as the official website of the company.

It's an experiment on how to make galleries and sliders as fast and as fluid as possible. I'm especially proud of the portfolio page.



Groupe Dynamite

for Écorce


for Écorce


for Zeste de Genie

Dop Dop Salon staff page

for My Website Spot

Code Projects

Baseline Grid

A nice boilerplate to start off a website, it has features that are rare in baseline grids like tables and forms.

William's Famous Burgers

A burger menu that animates smoothly between states and uses no javascript.

Javascript Collision Engine

A pixel perfect collision engine that tries to be as performant as possible.


GLSL port of HUSL, a human-friendly alternative to HSL.

Minecraft Projects

WillPack Resource Pack

Minecraft Font tool

W.I.P. City

Vanilla Shaders